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New York, NY Sept 1, 2007


Longtime Musicians And Indigenous Artists Slated To Release Highly Anticipated Recordings/CD/Album: Ghosthorse "Ksa"(pronounced with a soft k'-sah) is one of the most promising movement-inducing sounds of this time. This debut CD establishes an organic-global Indigenous fusion of musical form. Some have called it Indigenous jazz-fusion blues and others have simply called it spirit music.


GHOSTHORSE fills a void in the seams of world music. Based upon ancient earth movements re-emerging through contemporary music, "ksa" may, quite possibly, have created a new genre altogether! The muse the myth the manna.

Native American music group Ghosthorse released their new album ‘Ksa’ which in the Indian language Lakota means ‘trouble.’ The album’s theme is ‘An essence of understanding through trouble or difficulty.’ IAR faculty member and engineer and producer Dan Grigsby, who has worked with gold and platinum selling artists including Keith Richards and Joe Cocker, makes up one part of the spiritual Ghosthorse trio with Charley Buckland and Tiokasin Ghosthorse.

Ghosthorse combines influences and instruments from native cultures such as the siyotanka and cancega with contemporary guitar and bass. The group’s sound has been characterized as a fusion of jazz and blues with the spirit of traditional American Indian folk music. The bulk of the album was recorded in Dan’s home studio in Manhattan. The song ‘The Prayer’ was recorded at Kampo Studios with artist Lisa Bodnar, and the song “Sunrising West” was recorded at Blue Ribbon Sound, both established studios in New York City. ‘Ksa’ has been written up in the Village Voice and the ASCAP publication Stepping Out Magazine and received a great response from fans like Patricia Bauduin who said, “This is the first time I am listening to music from Native American heritage. It is relaxing and spiritual and brings a lot of emotions out of me.” Ghosthorse performs at Native American events and festivals and for more information on the group and ‘Ksa’, check out and

“Oneowe Xenau” – Ghosthorse --Institute of Audio Research


… ksa (, by the trio Ghosthorse, uses cello, diverse percussion, slide guitar, piano, dulcimer, sitar, several flutes and other instruments to create a shifting panorama of sound.

--Native Peoples Magazine

Music News Nashville by Nancy Montgomery

Politically driven, spiritually fulfilling and hauntingly beautiful, ghost horse/ksa is a gift to the listener from Indigenous musicians, Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Charley Buckland and Dan Grigsby.

In all my years of being a music critic this is the first time I've been honored to review such a unique and deserving genre of music. In their press release Ghosthorse calls their muse Spirit Music and that is truly what I experienced from the moment I put this wonderful disc in my cd player. Framed around the Lakota flute, each track offers up a blend of the individual talents these three men have to share with us. With song titles like-flying waters, city-driven crazy, return the black hills, and the title track-ghosthorse, we are invited into a sacred world that is more like a prayer than a track on a CD. Adding to an already impressive list of individual accomplishments, Ghosthorse has recently been nominated in 10 different categories in the prestigious Native American Music Awards. They most certainly have my vote in each and every one.

There's not a lot one can critique with this kind of music. Its either good or bad, and this particular record is not just good, but flawless. I have listened to it more than a few dozen times easily, and each time I do I hear something I had not heard before. Its like being in church out in the woods with just you and that powerful force we call nature that our universe has so freely offered to us. Sadly, all we give in return is a need to dominate, control and destroy what we have been given. A fact that ghosthorse gently reminds us of.

Sonically sound, soulfully pure, Ghosthorse/ksa is a must have if your heart is open. I am so blessed that I was chosen to review this CD. I encourage you to get it, absorb it and than offer up reverence to our Native American family who still remind us, that humility and respect for each other and our planet, begins with being truthful with ourselves.

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Ghosthorse is truly unique. The album is beautifully recorded and leaves the listener glued to each track. The authentic Native American rhythms are blended with flute, drums, guitar, cello and vocals in a way that stands out. There is nothing over powering here. This album is truly inspiring and gives you the feel of the Native American spirit. You will be in for a big treat when you hear these amazing tracks. I found this CD to be a true pleasure to listen to.

One of my FAVORITE albums of all time! This album is not like anything you've ever heard before. It is NOT your typical, new age cedar flute music. What it is, is real. Real music with a deep, intense, emotional content. No new age fluff. Just really beautiful music with flute, guitar, cello, drums, and vocals blending seamlessly. I played it repeatedly when I first got it. Just set the CD player to repeat the whole album and forget it. I never got tired of listening to it.