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it’s all relative
si hasapa


sunrising west

ghosthorse / ksa (33 moons)

1 flying waters

tiokasin flute; charley guitar & percussion; ettie luckey 1784 cello; dan percussion; michael rocks

2 ghosthorse

tiokasin flute, hand drum & bells; charley guitar, bells & hands;
donna kelly djembe

3 city-driven crazy

tiokasin flute & items; charley purerehua & varinoise; dan all kinds of things; ataahua papa & tahira voices; w. kunstler excerpt from Incident at Oglala

4 it’s all relative

mark rapp dijeredoo; tiokasin flute; elaine benevides flute;
dan percussion; donna kelly djembe; hendrik helmer sitar guitar

5 ksa

tiokasin vocals, & flute; charley hand drum; dan percussion

6 si hasapa

tiokasin flute; dan drums & percussion; elaine benevides vocals & flute; charley guitar & bass; whales themselves

7 return the black hills

tiokasin flute; charley dulcimer, bass & guitar; dan drum

8 redshift

tiokasin vocals & flute; dan percussion & guitar; dianne galliano
bass; charley guitar

9 comfort wana

tiokasin drum & flute; charley drum; dan percussion

10 what you mist

charley guitar, slide guitar & bass; dan guitar

11 look at me

tiokasin flute; charley dulcimer & slide guitar; loons themselves

12 allison’s eye

tiokasin flute; dan guitar; ettie luckey 1784 cello; charley dulcimer; tina song bullroarer

13 prayer

tiokasin flute & vocals; lisa bodnar vocals & piano; dann araque guitar; charley acoustic bass; frank funaro drums (also appears on Come Hell or High Water cd from Lisa Bodnar)

14 sunrising west

tiokasin flute; ettie luckey 1784 cello

15 hanska

tiokasin flute


produced by dan grigsby, tiokasin ghosthorse & charley buckland
recorded & mixed by dan grigsby
mastered by Andy VanDette at Masterdisk Studios
all songs recorded in dan’s living room
except 1: initial tracks recorded in charley’s space, engineered by brother a. thomas cat   except 13: recorded at Kampo Studios NYC assisted by yuki takahashi and 14: recorded at Blue Ribbon Sound by roderick o. kohn

all songs written by tiokasin ghosthorse, charley buckland, dan grigsby except,   14: by t. ghosthorse, e. luckey  13: by t. ghosthorse, l. bodnar, d. araque, c. buckland, d. grigsby, f. funaro   8: by d. grigsby, d. galliano, t. ghosthorse, c. buckland   4: by m. rapp, t. ghosthorse, e. benevides, d. grigsby  1, 12: by t. ghosthorse, c. buckland, e. luckey, d. grigsby

cover design:  michael benedict barnoya ; drum design: sonja wanbliwakan
cover photo: heike krebs ; special thanks to:  evelyn montalvo; cynthia leon; allison warden; dianne galliano for patience and meals; john trudell for inspiration

contact ghosthorse at,, p.o. box 283, new york, ny 10113-0283, First Voices Indigenous Radio/WBAI ny

all songs © 2007 all rights reserved unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.