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Ghosthorse Biography

Ghosthorse met through music in many ways. Universe presented the opportunity for the convergence of three existing paths into one continuum. A trifid cypher of mesmeric arias attempting to translate their genres through respective cultural influences as… the muse, the myth and the manna? Tiokasin Ghosthorse, the muse…always absorbed in the thought process of becoming a human being rather than the exclusiveness of “human” only. A beginning with the sound of the Lakota cedar flute centuries ago, a seventh generation cedar flute maker and player, and the tradition carried forward. Charley Buckland, the myth…a story of experience in bringing explanation, time and meeting of the three of us (Ghosthorse) together. A musician also beginning his long musical life with a flute and branching as the maple trees into a multi-instumental entity. Dan Grigsby, the manna…who appeared with his wealth of experience, a glue to keep the recording of “ksa” together in benefit and context for wherever the nourishment of music is needed to be heard. A very talented producer and engineer with numerous credits to his name who began his musical life as a drummer.

This no slight task accomplished, work began on “ksa” meaning: an essence of understanding through trouble or difficulty. Through many twists and turns the recording phases were completed in 33 moons hence the second title on the inner sleeve of the CD. Music leads us and plays us to its own end instead of the other way around. Alter your perspective and this seeming chaos is the constant creation that is taking place every moment in the universe and need not be controlled or feared. Simply find harmonies within it. recorded primarily in Dan’s place on 8th street, overlooking the physical graffiti cover, with the help of many and using a very open and organic writing style, the music crosses many different imagining boundaries, but maintains its center in the earth with the cedar flutes and travels a red-shifted Indigenous path. It is a fusion of traditional and contemporary muses that becomes a vehicle to make the needs of the planet and of native peoples known and to educate those lost and unaware. Hopefully this music can reintroduce what Indigenous peoples know to be true; of spirit, coexistence and responsibility to all that exists in the universe.

Tiokasin Ghosthorse

Lakota flute maker/player, speaker, activist Tiokasin Tasunke Wanagi -translated into English: "Ghosthorse Spirit Coming In". I also have another Lakota name Oyate Tokaheya Wicakiye meaning "His Nation Comes First or He Thinks of the People First". Tiokasin is a spiritual agitator, natural rights organizer, Indigenous thinking process educator, and community activator.

Thursdays 1Oam-11am
212.209.2800 switchboard

120 Wall Street, 10th Floor
NY, NY 10005

WJFF 90.5 FM Jeffersonville, NY

Charley Buckland

multi-instrumentalist, composer, entity

Dan Grigsby

drummer, engineer, producer, recording magician
Human Beings All